The New York Aquarium saw some action between two members of the most dangerous species yesterday: humans. The NY Post reports that a grandma from Queens and a mom from Brooklyn "got into a knock-down, drag-out rumble in front of the shark exhibit at the Coney Island attraction, whaling on each other as dozens of horrified kids watched." It all started when Rodine James' child bumped into Rosa Melendez's grandchild, causing Melendez to scream at James' kid. When James walked away, Melendez followed her and continued screaming, finally striking James across the face, shattering her sunglasses and knocking her to the ground. One eyewitness said, "The younger woman looked like she'd been scratched up pretty badly," but she wasn't the only victim, the two kids were also knocked down during the incident. Melendez, who in her final act of outrage grabbed James' camera and threw it to the ground, was arrested while James was taken to the hospital.