2008_12_smkedfish.jpgNeighbors' apartment smells can be a constant source of frustration, but a group of nuns are suing two tenants for stinking up a Gramercy-area building. The Post reports that the Missionary Sisters of Sacred Heart, which owns 201 East 19th Street, accuse Gloria and Michael Lim of "caus[ing] noxious, foul and harmful odors to emanate from the [apartment] into the common areas...as well into other apartments." One time, the fire department was called because people were convinced someone had died in the building; the FDNY focused on the Lims' apartment, where Gloria Lim said she was "smoking and drying fish." Since the Lims reportedly refused to "stop the stank or at least open their windows," the Missionary Sisters are trying to block Lim from further fishy antics and for $75,000 in damages.