2006_08_jenya.jpgApparently the way to celebrate a NY Times endorsement in Mark Green's household is to get your email on. And by email, we mean "E-mail people that have endorsed Andrew Cuomo instead of Mark Green". The Daily Politics has an email that Green's daughter Jenya sent to one of Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer's aides, with Jenya criticizing Stringer for being "so totally controlled....and therefore unfit to hold office" and excerpting part of the Times endorsement of her dad. Of course, now Mark Green's camp is saying that he'll be apologizing to Stringer later, and that Jenya was just being "overprotective." And then the Daily Politics found out that staffers in Representative Jerry Nadler's and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's offices got emails like that too! Even though Jenya is an adult, we bet she is so grounded.

Photograph of Green and Jenya from 1985, via the Mark Green campaign websitee