The NY Times Real Estate section looked at how co-op boards are jumping on the Information Highway to find out more about prospective buyers. But this anecdote about using the Internets to get a better sense of a potential tenant struck us:

Landlords, too, find the Internet immensely useful. Victoria Shtainer, a senior vice president of Prudential Douglas Elliman, and her husband were seeking a tenant to rent their luxury Midtown apartment. A young man described by his broker, a colleague of Ms. Shtainer’s, as “an Internet genius” wanted to do a deal.

As a precaution, the couple looked up the prospective tenant on Google. Strangely, given the fact that he was supposed to be very successful, they turned up nothing. Then they did an image search.

What they found, Ms. Shtainer said, “made my hair stand on end.”

There, staring back at her on her computer screen, was a photo from a Florida newspaper of her prospective tenant, along with an article recounting his arrest for threatening to cut off another man’s hands and genitalia if the man didn’t give him $200,000.

Might it be this incident? Oh, and the guy didn't get the apartment. [Via Curbed]