2007_02_babytrain.jpgWe had Wesley Autrey, Subway Hero, last month, and this month, we've got... Stuart Tito, Toddler Commuter! The Daily News talks a family whose 22-month-old son took the 7 train all by himself. Yeah, we were amazed too - the 7 was actually running!

Little Stuart Tito and his parents were on a subway platform at Junction Boulevard waiting for a train to take 9-month-old Derrick to the doctor. But in a flash, Stuart slipped away; from the Daily News:

As an express pulled into the station, [his mother, Blanca] Amarilis noticed Derrick's nose was running, and she leaned down over the stroller to wipe it - letting go of Stuart.

In that instant, the little imp scooted away as fast as his sneaker-clad feet would take him, darted through the closing doors of the train and was whisked away.

"I looked down [and] he wasn't there," Amarilis recalled. "I said, 'Stuart!' and a man told me he went on the train. It was so fast. I was so upset."

That's great that the man let the little kid go on the train by himself! And you know, we hope the Department of Education officials aren't reading this, or they will think giving Metrocards to 5-year-olds to commute to school is a good idea.

Anyway, realizing that Stuart was on the train to Manhattan, husband Victor Tito called 911. Police told him to stay where he was, and Amarilis and Derrick got on the next train. Luckily, a woman found Stuart on the express train, got out at the next stop (61st) and turned around to Junction Boulevard, returning Stuart to his father. Aw.

When the Daily News met with the family at Junction Boulevard, the reporter witnessed little Stuart trying to hop on a train again. Cute, but let's hope he's not another Darius McCollum (who is cool in his own way, but still). The family is looking for the nice lady who returned Stuart; if you know who the person is, call the Daily News at (212) 210-1545.