A New Jersey school's zero-tolerance policy went into effect after a 7-year-old student drew a gun. He didn't literally pull a gun - rather, he drew a picture of himself and another student "David" and the drawing of himself showed him holding a gun. But that was enough for Kyle McDevitt to earn a suspension from Dennis Township Primary School.

Kyle apparently gave the drawing to David on the bus, and David's parents alerted the school. Kyle's mother said she wasn't worried because Kyle says he had draw a water pistol - not a real gun. Shirley McDevitt wondered, "Are they abusing the zero-tolerance law? I'm sure it's a judgment call, but when does the law start? What I'm told is it's the time we live in. Is it the time we live in when a little boy can't draw a picture?" She added she told Kyle not to draw guns in school anymore.