2007_11_nyc_wheelchaircab.jpgIt's good to see that not all New Yorkers are out to run wheelchair riders off the road. The Taxi and Limousine Commission voted this week to create a new special service that will allow wheelchair users to order cabs by calling 311.

While some advocacy groups oppose the new program, arguing instead that all taxis should be handicap accessible (like they are in cities like London), others are lauding the move. The service will begin in January and will greet passengers waiting curbside with drivers trained to help load them into the vehicles.

Considering only 80 of the current 13,000 taxis on the road are fit to accommodate wheelchairs (with 150 more on the way), its tough to see how the initiative will make much of a palpable impact. But we're in favor of anything that makes it easier to catch a cab on a cold day.