It's not quite a blinging chrome hubcap, but Gothaimst supposes the Taxi and Limousine Commission will take what it can get: The Post reports that taxi hubcabs are the latest vehicle for advertisements. AdFleet Advertising's president says, "Advertisers are always looking for new places to sell their products, and this is one place people will remember. We want to help make an ad memorable." Or dizzying. Gothamist questions whether people are looking at hubcaps, but given that New Yorkers like bright, shiny, colorful objects, we suppose the ads have some sort of merit. We are suspicious of any hypnotizing elements, though, that the advertisers will try to insert into the designs and hope that the TLC increase their insurance, lest any claims of people getting hurt while trying to read what is being advertised on spinning wheels. And this better mean that the taxi fares won't go up again for a while.