A wheelchair-bound Brooklyn father who claimed his daughter had been abusing him has been arrested after he allegedly doused her with skin-melting acid yesterday. Police say Jerome Lynch, 69, threw drain cleaner El Diablo (which is 98% sulfuric acid) onto 49-year-old daughter Darlene Lynch around 1:40 p.m. in his Schenck Avenue apartment in East New York. “You could see the smoke coming off her body,” witness Clarissa Shakespeare told the News. “Everyone was just traumatized and scared. Her skin looked like melting wax. And then her whole eyelid was melted. The whole left side from her face all the way down to her feet.”

With her skin and clothing smoking, witnesses say Darlene Lynch yelled "My father did this" as she ran from the building. “She was hollering,” said witness Lisa Jones. “I heard the screaming and I just saw her there peeling. One side was peeled off and everyone took her clothes off and was pouring water on her.” She was taken to New York Presbyterian Hospital, where she was placed in a burn unit; she is expected to survive, but may lose her left eye, according to relatives.

Jerome Lynch was charged with felony assault. Since a stroke two years ago, he has had trouble speaking, but he wrote a note to cops saying "she had been abusing him," a source said. Relatives claimed he had become delusional in recent years, and Darlene was his primary caregiver. “He was losing his mind,” said niece Dominique Goodwin. “(Darlene is) asking why her father did this. She doesn’t understand.”