Anthony Weiner has had a hard few weeks ever since he admitted that his sexting continued long after his 2011 resignation and even after a glowing 2012 People magazine profile. And he's accepted the tough criticism he's been getting from voters. But, at an event earlier this week, Weiner brought up a good point: Where does sexting fall on the scale of misdeeds—worse or better than overturning term limits?

Supporters of his campaign released this video which has "Carlos Danger" responding to one man who demanded to know when he would quit. Weiner said, "You ... have a long record to look at. I did not, for example, come to the people in this room and say I am going to embezzle money or I am gonna turn over your right to have a vote for a third term... That's something that was passed by the city of New York."

Weiner added, "People have every right to disqualify me. But why would I quit?" and someone yells, "Amen!

Mayoral frontrunner City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has been accused of engineering a backroom deal to overturn term limits (which she has denied). At any rate, the City Council's move prompted Mayor Bloomberg to comment, "Today, the majority of the City Council decided to give the people of New York a fuller choice in the November, 2009 election. I believe that was the right choice, and I want to thank Speaker Quinn for her leadership."

And does this report about mayoral hopeful Public Advocate Bill de Blasio using city staffers to watch his kids even rank on the misdeeds scale?