beautiful again in nyc

Finally... the sun is back out and we can enjoy the true last days of summer starting... now. This weekend is looking fantastic especially if you were one of those who elected to enjoy a quieter city last weekend and stay home. Gothamist always loved doing that.

So what else is going on around the weather world? Here's a brief link salad for you:

- Our recent sneezing episodes are explained. ragweed levels are very high right now

- Storms have killed more than 177 due to flooding and landslides in Southern China

- And of course, there's Ivan who continues to focus on Florida to start of next week, and is about to say an unwelcome hello to Jamaica. Now a Cat 4 again, it still packs 145mph winds.

- A team of Australians have figured out a way to forecast the weather on Mars without sending spacecraft there.

- California is feeling the heat and the power plants are trying to keep up with demand

- With all of the bad weather in the news, USA Today has a story about how weather can be bothersome but it's not often deadly.

Oh how good it is to see the sun again.

Photo from Wunder Photos at The Weather Underground