“Ask Governor Murphy” — your chance to present questions to New Jersey’s governor live, on-air — returns Thursday, Feb. 2.

Listen Live on WNYC. “Ask Governor Murphy” is a production of WBGO in Newark, in partnership with WNYC and WHYY. It’s hosted by WNYC and Gothamist reporter Nancy Solomon.

What’s taking so long?

It’s been two years and four months since Gov. Phil Murphy signed the strongest environmental justice law in the country. It requires the state to prioritize the public health of communities that already have a high number of polluting facilities before issuing a permit for a new project.

But community activists that fought for the bill said they were frustrated that they're still waiting for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to establish rules and regulations for the new law. We’ll ask Murphy about that.

New power plants are being proposed in Newark and Woodbridge, and community activists in those towns object to new fossil fuel-burning facilities. Meanwhile, the governor is also facing pressure to slow down his landmark investments in wind energy as part of the state’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions and slow climate change. We’ll find out what the governor has to say about these conflicting politics and pressures, too.

Here are some other issues we might ask Gov. Murphy about:

Those are just some of the topics on our minds, but we want to hear from you.

What will you Ask Gov. Murphy?