An interesting follow up to a post from two weeks ago about the Department of Transportation's ridiculous ness. The NY Sun has an interview with Andrew Vesselinovitch, the DOT's bike program director who quit, and, boy, he doesn't pull any punches:

Mr. Vesselinovitch said that when Deputy Mayor Daniel Doctoroff in April asked the department for more miles of bicycle lanes, his superiors asked him to come up with excuses to refuse to do so, including the need for more staff and the interference of other city agencies. In fact, he said, there was nothing impeding the new lanes except for [DOT Commissioner Iris] Weinshall and her insistence on giving community boards veto power over proposed lanes.

Well, those are our tax dollars at bureaucratic work: People being charged with developing excuses. Vesselinovitch is going to the Illinois Institute of Technology to study architecture, telling the Sun, "I want streets to be living places, places more dedicated to social activities, rather than just conduits for motor vehicles."

In other transporation news, the state is thinking about making Staten Island's bus lanes carpool lanes. The Staten Island Advance saw over 2,000 cars use the bus-only lanes over two days, but the police only pulled over two of them.