2006_5_tech_xxx.jpgWe hope you’re ready to keep “accidentally” stumbling upon porn websites at work, home, and at the Apple Store. Yesterday, Internet regulators rejected plans to create a .xxx domain, which supposedly would have made it easier to find and, yes, of course, avoid online pornography. This finally concludes a battle between fuddy-duddies who feel that giving porn its own domain would be recognizing it as legitimate and the porn peddlers who worry about giving the government more regulatory powers over the industry. But in the end, these were probably just a bunch of distracting issues from the real matter at hand: that ICANN (the group that handles these domain names) could get some good scratch from all new registrants.

What we find most amusing that the idea for the new domain was first launched in 2001 and it took five whole years for our elected officials to reach a conclusion. Check out the Wall Street Journal’s full coverage of all of the players and arguments. For now, you're on your own to find what you're, ahem, looking for.