2007_12_bradymics.jpgFor the Giants the final week of the regular season is all about questions. Will they start their regulars on Saturday night? Should they start their regulars? Does it even matter if they do start them? In any other year the answers would be clear; send the starters out for a quarter and then get everyone off the field and rested for next week’s playoff game. But, this is not an ordinary week, this is a chance to stop history by beating the undefeated Patriots scream some pundits.

But, while it would be great to beat New England, the game is of no consequence to the Giants. Win or lose, they still are in the playoffs and still play Tampa next weekend. So, the most important thing is to get injured players some rest and hope that no one else gets hurt.

Gothamist thinks the Giants make a go of it in the first quarter and send out the regulars. But, after the Patriots score a couple of touchdowns, the backups start to play and the game turns into an exhibition. Hopefully, Belichick will show enough class not to run up the score against second-stringers, but this one could be ugly either way. The prediction is New England wins big.

Photo of Tom Brady being interviewed (no doubt about the prospects of going 16-0) by AP/Michael Dwyer