There's an amusing story in New York magazine about how Phoebe Cates helped capture a pair of thieves who stole the purse of a woman (okay, the wife of the Public Theater's new artistic director). Was it with a twinkle of her eyes and hint of red bikini? Actually, no - one of the items stolen was a gift certificate to Phoebe's store, Blue Tree, on the Upper East Side, so her employees were on alert when a couple tried to redeem the $250 gift certificate. The store manager, Ivana Callahan, revealed how the thieves tripped up:

“The man said it was a gift from his mother. I asked his mother’s name, and he didn’t know it. He told me, ‘I just call her Mom.’ They were pretty stupid.”

Next, we'd like to hear about Jennifer Jason Leigh busted the one neighbor in her apartment building that isn't recycling! And we have to say, even though we hated her husband's recent movie, The Pink Panther, we think her son Owen is adorably disturbing in The Squid and the Whale.