A week after New Yorkers and others have been thinking about the death of Nicole duFresne on the Lower East Side during a robbery, the National Crime Prevention Council gave out tips on how to "survive a mugging"; the NCPC are the people behind McGruff, who has urged many to take a bite out of crime for the past 25 years. This was prompted by duFresne's alleged questioning of the robbers, "What are you going to do, shoot us?" and reports from an alleged assailant that duFresne "kept raging" after the gunman, causing the gun to accidentally go off. The AP reported on NCPC president Alfonso Lenhardt's thoughts:

A robbery "is more about power than anything," said Alfonso Lenhardt, president of the nonprofit council, known for its McGruff the Crime Dog mascot.

"It's a tragedy, but in this case it sounds like (the suspect) felt he wasn't getting the respect he was due," Lenhardt said. "When a gun is in the hands of a desperate person with low self-esteem, they're going to react that way."

Here's the NCPC tipsheet on what to do in a mugging; the first thing stated is, "The best way to deal with the confrontation is to comply by giving the robber want they want."

And last night, there was a tribute to duFresne on the Lower East Side. There was a lot of ritual involved, including a Guyanese shaman, the burning of flowers and drawing a chalk outline of duFresne's body.