All week, the internet has been making fun of the infamous Huffington Post, "What Time Does The Superbowl Start" SEO-trolling article from last year. As Deadspin summarized, the post existed "for the sole purpose of garnering internet search traffic from the thousands of people Googling 'what time does the superbowl start?'" And it was damn successful too. But instead of just following that trail, we thought we'd pose a much more difficult question to pin down: what time does the Superbowl Super Bowl end?

All the Huffington Post's original article included was the start time of the game, and almost nothing else—this year, they've at least upgraded to include more Huff Post-related football links, and an explanation that purposefully misspelling "Superbowl" as one word last year was, indeed, purposeful. Also: if you try to link to that original post, it redirects you to this year's version.

Gawker's traffic whore of the day put up their own minimalist "What Time Is the Super Bowl?" post this week. The NFL one-upped them all with a post titled "What Time Is Super Bowl 46," along with the URL text, "What Time Is The Super Bowl." Now when you search for the time, the NFL comes up first.

Which brings us back to our original query—what time will this year's Super Bowl end? Let's look at the last few years (in EST) for some context: Super Bowl XLV last year ended at approximately 10:23 p.m., while Super Bowl XLIV ended at approximately 10:12 p.m. So we can authoritatively say that it will definitely end at 10:17:30 p.m. EST. Or maybe it's already over and we just don't realize it. Unless it's occurring simultaneously to our writing about it now, as Eternalism and the B-theory of time might suggest. Or perhaps like snack time and ill-advised sequels, it never really ends.