Summer has passed once again—and now the trees shall shed their skin, and the water fountains shall go lonesome, and the West Indian Parade daggering videos shall dry up, as it goes every year. But with the end of summer also comes holding penalties, wildcat formations and nosetackles. Tonight, the Super Bowl champion Giants play the Dallas Cowboys at 8:30 p.m. to kick off the 2012 NFL season! And not every sports fan in NYC cares whether Tim Tebow has burped or not.

Because despite winning the Super Bowl as an underdog against the New England Patriots last season—on a dramatic butt-first winning drive in the final minutes, no less—the Giants have ceded the back pages of the local dallies to the permanently dysfunctional Jets team, and their new star benchwarmer, Tebow. And despite little turnover in their lineup, most sportswriters have dismissed the Giants chances at repeating—all Super Bowl hopes seemed to be pinned on some combination of the Patriots, Green Bay Packers, Houston Texans, and the Denver Broncos.

Even Giants fans hate themselves, as some particularly self-loathing ones wrote to Deadspin:

The Giants are undoubtedly the team of the surburban frat crowd AND the smarmy Manhattan pseudo-fan crowd, so that our fan base is an unholy mix of bros from Westchester, Long Island and New Jersey who went to Lehigh, Hofstra, Monmouth or Quinnipiac for undergrad (if they are a legacy they wound up at Georgetown , Cornell or Dartmouth), love pounding natty light in their topsiders and lacoste polos even though they are 34 with children. All of them were friends with at least one member of the Duke Lacrosse team during the whole rape scandal. These bros probably played high school soccer or lax, are as waspy as it comes, and love yelling out "Eeeeliiii" and holding up their solo cup of Bud Light (they call it "BL") like hes their fucking frat brother every time he makes a good play. It might go without saying, but they wear backwards fitted caps and feature an unusually high number of Mets fans (I don't understand this phenomenon but its true). Piazza? They love LT even though they never saw him play and the over/under for college date rapes is 3.7 per year of school.

The Manhattanites, despite liking football, secretly wish the masses werent so into it, so they don't come to many games but instead support the Giants because they are perceived as the more civilized football team in New York, unlike the working class goobmas who love the Jets. These people are lawyers and make gobs of money and when the Giants suck they disappear like bed bugs and spend all winter at Lincoln Center or Broadway shows, only to re-emerge when the scent of "winning" returns. They "summer" in Rhode Island, Long Island or in Cape May (nowhere north of Atlantic City).

But Giants players are using all that doubt and hatred to fuel them this season: "Like they said, it was a fluke for us to get in the Super Bowl or to even get in the playoffs," Jason Pierre-Paul said. "If you all recall, there were some teams already fitting their fingers for rings before we even played the football game," Justin Tuck said of the Giants being overlooked this season. "It don't look like people learned too much [from] last year. So we relish having the opportunity to defend the title and do what people are thinking that we can't."