2005_04_robots.jpgThis is an unlikely endorsement for the animated film, Robots: A three year old in Queens managed to dress himself, take an Q5 bus to the local multiplex and sneak into a screening of Robots - by himself. The Post reports that Clarence Ricky Davis, Jr. managed to slip out of his house for the afternoon journey, triggering a "massive boyhunt." His father had fallen asleep and his stepbrother was out - buying a new lock at the Home Depot because Davis had figured out how to get out of the house! - and when the father awoke, he realized his son was missing. What gets Gothamist is that Davis paid for the bus in cash - clearly, the bus driver thought a little kid riding the bus alone was normal. And we guess that could be, or maybe the bus driver was used to really short fares, but we're still skeptical. In what seems like a mixture of admiration and frustration, his mother told the Post, "He's really an amazing kid. He is a brave little sucker to take the bus by himself. Kids are much brighter today. I couldn't go anywhere by myself until I was 7." No kidding.