In the past few months, with various rumors and admissions that the MTA would need to raise fares next year and the year after, there's been a lot of outrage from people who commute to and within NYC. Gothamist doesn't pretend to be the authority on transportation issues or knowledgeable about how city agencies need to structure their budgets. But what we can say is that over the past year, we've realized that as much as the MTA itself is at fault for its crazy deficit that will get bigger and bigger by the hundreds of millions each year, it's also about what the city and state can contribute, and lately, their contribution has been negligible. This past weekend, there were a few editorials in the local papers that articulate this problem much better. Gothamist urges you to become familiar with what the root of MTA problems are, because we think this will be a big issue in the next year or so. We'd like to see "Figuring Out A Way To Help The MTA" become a campaign issue during the 2005 Mayoral race.

NY Times editorial on the MTA that explains how Pataki is basically oblivious and our past three mayors have hurt the MTA. And two from the Daily News: "Cut MTA fat before raising fares" and "Smart Moves Can Cut The Budget Gap". And for ways your voice can be heard, check out the Straphangers Campaign.