In two word: Potential gridlock. Newsday predicts that with City Council Speaker Gifford Miller poised as one of the strongest mayoral opponents, Mayor Bloomberg and the City Council will be at odds over legislation, leading to "veto-mania." Some analysts say that the vetos will help Miller distance himself from the Mayor's policies, but some wonder if the City Council is just passing various bills "just for the sake of it."

In other reelection news, Mayor Bloomberg isn't expecting help from President Bush in his reelection bid. Well, duh - as if the Mayor could win those borderline votes with the President muddying things up! Gothamist would have to doubt the Mayor would get W. involved, especially as some NYC poltical watchers feel the Mayor is feeling more at ease at being a politician. Just last week, Democratic Reverend Flake endorsed Bloomberg.

In other mayoral news, the Post reports that Mayor Giuliani "conducted scathing research on his political enemies" while campaigning for Mayor and during his terms. Many memos are now in the Municipal Archives, such as one that says, "BILL CLINTON IS NO FRIEND OF NEW YORK CITY!" Oh, Rudy, we knew you had it in you, you don't fool us with any of that September 11 stuff.