Oh. My. God. It's gross and horrible enough knowing that a 43 year-old subway conductor fondled a passenger in the cab of the Q train last Thursday. But the Post also reports that the conductor also let the 18 year-old teenage girl to take control of the train "while he stood behind her." Jesus. Apparently the teenager got on the train at 57th and 7th Avenue at 4AM, and the conductor, Ruben Petrus, chatted her up and convinced her to go into the motorman's booth (the Post emphasizes the booth is "off-limits to unauthorized personnel"). The teenager later picked Petrus out of a line-up and Petrus confessed. The MTA said Petrus "will not be in control of a New York City subway anytime soon - if at all. This person was endangering the lives of himself, his fellow crew member and the passengers on the train." No kidding! This is why Gothamist tries not to ride the subway at 4AM in the morning and also try to bury our heads in a magazine or book.