Photograph of Spitzer visiting a veteran at the Batavia VA Medical Center

The alleged tryst that Governor Spitzer had with a $4,300 hooker took place on the evening of February 13 in Washington, D.C. But before the meeting, Spitzer had appearances in Rochester, Buffalo and Batavia, at the Batavia VA Medical Center.

Before proclaiming February 14, 2008 as a "Salute to Hospitalized Veterans Day in the Empire State," Spitzer called Valentine’s Day "a time of year when people show affection and appreciation for one another." (He also said "it also inspires the sentiments of caring and sharing that reflect the spirit of the National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans.")

At some point, Spitzer traveled to D.C., where he met Emperors' Club escort "Kristen" at the Mayflower Hotel. The next day - Valentine's Day - he testified in front of the House of Representatives on bond insurance.