New York has 23 official state symbols: we have a butterfly (Red-spotted Purple/White Admiral), a bush (Lilac Bush), and freshwater and saltwater fishes (Brook Trout and Striped Bass, appropriately). We have a fossil (sea scorpion), beverage (milk) and muffin (Apple Muffin). But you know what we don't have? We don't have an official man's best friend to represent us...but that might not be for too much longer.

Assemblyman Micah Kellner, an Upper East Side Democrat, and State Senator Joseph E. Robach, a Republican who represents Rochester, are introducing legislation tomorrow to formally adopt a state dog. A spokesman for Kellner said he would choose a rescue dog, to symbolize the need for people to adopt pets from animal shelters and animal protection groups. They will make the formal announcement about the legislation tomorrow at City Hall, joined by therapy dog Sarge Wolf-Stringer.

But you know what else NY State doesn't have? An official state cat! Hell, even Massachusetts has an official state cat (tabby). Any suggestions? We are partial to Bodega Cats.