It seems like Senator Schumer's decision to forego a gubernatorial run in 2006 is making local Democrats happy. And if there's anyone who needs some cheering up, it's Democrats in New York. Representative Anthony Weiner explains, "I think it helps those of us trying to get traction for the race against the most immediate Republican to not have the brutal run-up to a 2006 primary getting in the way." As in: Let's concentrate on beating Mayor Bloomberg. But critics say the Democrats need to establish who has the best chance of running against the billionaire Mayor. Gifford Miller? Fernando Ferrer (pictured)? Representative Weiner? At the moment, Gothamist is liking Ferrer, because he seems more seasoned (we're totally being age-ist) and down-to-earth (a former Bronx Borough president). And his race is definitely a plus for him, especially considering his other Democrat rivals may be a bunch of white guys.

Mayor Bloomberg happened to endorse Senator Schumer's reelection this past November.