2006_09_scissors.jpgYesterday, a Queens woman stabbed her 91 year old mother with a pair of scissors. Many times - in the head, arms and legs. The Daily News reports that 58 year old Marilyn Pulaski "dragged "her mother Helen into their Woodside accounting business (Helen had been "walking with elderly pals" nearby) and assaulted her. Marilyn daughter's Laurie seemed less upset and more "I told you so" when talking to the News about her mother and grandmother, who lived with each other as well, saying "They'd fight about food, clothing, the time of day, anything and everything and all day long... They weren't supposed to be there together. I told them, but they would not listen to me."

Both women are at Elmurst Hospital: Marilyn Pulaski was taken in for psychiatric observation and Helen Pulaski is in stable condition, recovering from her wounds.