Republican Rep. Peter King has been keeping busy with refusing "craven surrender to political correctness" by singling out Muslims as a group of people we really shouldn't be trusting. After his first Congressional hearing on "Muslim Radicalization" was mostly an offensive dud, his second one was barely noticed. And yes, there will be a third hearing to combat the scourge of Islam on Wednesday. But Peter King seems to have forgotten how real the danger is, because NY1 reports that he told a group of supporters this morning that "it would be almost impossible for a 9/11-type attack to happen again."

Especially galling is that King's third hearing is to focus on the "coordinated and ongoing recruitment and radicalization of young Muslim men in the US." What's good for Al Qaeda's recruiting numbers in the US? Peter King's hearings on "Muslim Radicalization." Besides, if we want to destroy Al Qaeda's book clubs in the US, we just need to unleash Peter King's novel, Vale of Tears, and sit back and watch Freedom do its thing.