2005_03_bloomberg.jpgIt's Bloomberg time: Let's see...First, Mayor Bloomberg told the City Council to mind its own beeswax and stop "picking-and-choosing" which big chain stores come the town. This refers to scaring Wal-Mart out of Queens (at least for now), saying that Wal-Mart had a right to be in NYC, just as people have the right to unionize or not unionize. This comes as former Secretary of the Treasury Robert Reich wrote a NY Times editorial, "Don't Blame Wal-Mart," and NYU urban planning professors think NYers will want Wal-Mart eventually. Well, of course New Yorkers want good deals and that the face of the city changes all the time, but there's something about fighting a mega-corporation like Wal-Mart that turns some people on.

Then the Mayor said he wants to drive taxes down for New Yorkers (good), but he might have to raise them (bad), because no one knows what the future holds (true). Hmm. The Mayor also spoke at a Crain's NY business forum. You can read his speech here, but Gothamist has summarizeed the top bullets:

- An opening about Peter Stuyvesant, turkeys, and New York
- Crime is down (especially murders); there's a commited counter-terrorism team
- Fire safety
- Streets are clean
- The Gates brought in lots of people

- The Olympics would bring in even more - NYC needs the Sports and Convention Center, aka Jets Stadium - We need to lessen our reliance on Wall Street and create jobs in all boroughs - Various neighborhoods have strong tourism potential - Need to keep manufacturing jobs in the region - Tax credit program to encourage TV/film production is working - The Brooklyn Nets will be a good thing - My administration has committed to big projects in all boroughs (fish market at Hunts Point, Bronx; State Island's Homeport; Brooklyn Navy Yard) - Far West Side development, aka Jets Stadium, is key to the city's health - There's a construction boom, unemployment has dropped about 2.5% since post-9/11 - We're all about creating new jobs...think the Jets Stadium
And the Politicker links to a new Quinnipiac poll that has the Mayor losing against Fernando Ferrer, but beating other possible candidates. It'll be interesting to see how Ferrer stands up to more criticism - and a primary.