Perhaps in anticipation of the dog days of summer, New York magazine is investigating happiness - why some people are very happy while others aren't so much, as in New Yorkers. It's a long piece, and we need some more time to read it, but essentially it looks at whether our nature as New Yorkers prohibits us from happiness, crossed with a lot of other research. There are also some suggestions for New Yorkers to be happier, like "Fire your therapist if he so much as mentions your childhood" and "Don't go to law school" or "Don't watch the Knicks." All excellent advice, but what makes us happy is a subway that arrives right when we get to the platform, a sunny-but-not-humid-day and a hilarious photograph of Mayor Bloomberg. And when Gothamist needs a pick-me-up, we search for pictures of pandas, cats, and other animals on Flickr or anything on Cute Overload. Happiness is in the heart of the beholder, you see.