As the repaired levee helps water drain out of New Orleans, the finger pointing has only begun at political offices. The NY Times has an editorial about the government's attitude towards FEMA, the response to Hurricane Katrina, and possible investigations that raises a lot of good points. For instance, Senator Hillary Clinton's suggestion to raise FEMA to a cabinet-level position might be "premature," and that the problem needs to be investigated at all levels - local, state, and federal. It's also a compact yet still withering look at what the Bush Administration and Republican agendas have done to FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security.

One new issue that relates directly to New York City is whether fundraising for Katrina will hurt fundraising and projects for September 11 and the city overall, respectively. Newsday reports that the World Trade Center Foundation was planning on starting a $500 million fundraising drive this week, and Mayor Bloomberg referenced the challenge during the WTC transit hub groundbreaking, saying, "There are always conflicting demands on the private sector to come up with a lot of moneys for a lot of worthy things. This is one of those worthy things, and I hope people will consider it." Then there are the billions slated for lower Manhattan development, such as the transit link from downtown to JFK Airport. Clearly, everyone does want to help out the devastated regions and victim of Hurricane Katrina, but as evacuees are reported to be safe in new adopted homes - or sports arenas - it seems like stories will shift back to the "me/us" from the "them."