Now, Gothamist has heard a number of terrible apartment tenant stories (or terrible landlord stories, you name it), reading about a "hellish" London Towers Terrace tenant in the Daily News made us say, "Holy majoly":

His litany of alleged bad behavior includes:
- Roaming the halls half-naked.
- Having sex with a homeless man in the building's health club showers.
- Blasting music and slamming doors.
- Stealing clothes from the laundry room.

...[Michael Davis] denied stealing people's clothes, insisting he took a raincoat on the laundry room floor and planned to mail it to Cuba. He denied having sex with the homeless man, and said he was simply picking something off his back.

Wow...NYC's tenant laws can be really forgiving, but it turns out that the building's co-op board sued to evict Davis, and a judge authorized the eviction. Gothamist can only assume that one or even two of the purported offenses would be frowned upon but ultimately allowable, but all of those! And if Gothamist had a dime for every time we used the "gonna mail those clothes to Cuba" or we were "just picking something off his back" excuses for stealing clothes or having sex with homeless men in stairwells... Should you sympathize with Davis, whom the Daily News says has been terrorizing his neighbors with his antics (and blaming them on sleepwalking at times!) since moving in around 1993, he is expected to make ten times the $41,000 he paid for the apartment. Hello, appreciation!

One great thing about this story is that Gothamist got to research London Terrace Towers, as well as London Terrace, that sprawling development of buildings that take up an entire city block, between 23rd and 24th Streets and Ninth and Tenth Avenues; check out the 1933 promotional film about the building. Who knew that famed Columbia alum, Clement Clarke Moore who wrote 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, had owned the land at one point? Also, learn more about your rights as a tenant at Tenant.net; plus check out the Ask Gothamist Guide to Real Estate.