If the sideways rain wasn't enough to put you in a gloomy state of mind, it appears the Mood Slime is coming for us. According to social media reports, some sort of mysterious toxic sludge has oozed its way to Midtown, unless it's just food coloring deployed for a "You Can't Do That On Television" guerrilla marketing stunt:

This neon green sewer water did not give anyone the slightest pause this morning. #nyc #newyork

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Unfortunately it seems NYC is not being paid a visit by The Blob—in fact, that green slime is probably antifreeze, and licking it will not turn you into a karate-chopping turtle. This is also not the first time NYC's turned green:

Again, antifreeze is quite poisonous and touching/drinking it will not net you any cool mutations other than death. Which, to be fair, is coming for all of us soon enough.