Instead of walking to Newtown Creek to catch dinner with a condom, wouldn't it be nice to hop into the car and glide down to the street in a private elevator? Glauco Lolli-Ghetti, a Manhattan real estate developer, lives this dream from the 11th floor of his $7 million Chelsea condo. “This is about as close to a suburban home that you can achieve in an urban area like New York,” Lolli-Ghetti tells the Times. Does anyone remember that cool car elevator that the Cleavers had in their glass-bound condo on Leave It To Beaver?

The eponymous building, located at 200 Eleventh Avenue appears to be one-of-a-kind in the city, if not the world. Lolli-Ghetti's parking space "would be valued at more than $800,000 if priced at the same rate per square foot as the rest of the apartment." But the peace of mind knowing some punk kid isn't keying your Range Rover, or even looking at it scornfully, is priceless.

The Times has a nifty video of Lolli-Ghetti demonstrating how the elevator works, but we prefer this company video that features Enrique Iglesias' stunt-voice double.