A month ago, I was tasked with setting an alert for "millennial surveys," since, as the token Office Millennial, it was important that I be up on all the important things my generation's been doing of late. (Note that there are other millennials who work at Gothamist, but apparently I am "the MOST millennial," so, fine.) Over the last month, my inbox has been flooded with all sorts of fun articles about millennials, painting a portrait of a generation that loves Instagram, has no money, is stressed about money, buys things, doesn't buy enough things, and something else about Instagram. Here are some of my favorites:

Survey: Millennials fear filing tax returns: This gripping Fox 5 News piece proves that millennials "are absolutely intimidated by paying their taxes and the IRS because their parents have been helping them with money forever," ...but also probably because they're the generation newest to the work force, no? And isn't impending dread during tax season something that afflicts people of all ages? Whatever, typical millennials!

Why Do Millennials Move? The Answers May Surprise You: According to Forbes, millennials move a lot, sometimes for jobs, or for new experiences, or for love. They also "still stubbornly cling to a desire to call a major metropolis home, with 57 percent of survey respondents setting their sights on a big city or close-in suburb as their next move." Crazy that a generation that can't afford to buy cars would want to live somewhere with access to public transportation and lots of career prospects, but okay.

About 80% Of Millennials Have Been Victims of 'Ghosting' I used to think that "ghosting"—the act of disappearing on someone you've been dating with no explanation—wasn't actually the worst thing to do, since if you've gone on a date or two with someone and aren't feeling it, it feels extreme to "dump" them. But actually, everyone deserves a nice text telling them you had fun but aren't into it, and they will never once wonder if you lost your phone or fell into a ditch or got crushed by a crane. Don't turn that poor, unwanted millennial you're jettisoning from your life into a statistic!

FL: Tampa Hillsborough EDC Survey to Determine How to Lure Millennials Here: LOL, Tampa. Also, Mass Transit Mag is a gem, highly recommend.

Millennial Graduates Clueless About Student Loans, Reveals Citizens Bank Survey: GoodCall.com is kind enough to afford the federal government some of the blame for the shitshow that is the student loan system, but the bottom line is, as always, that loans are bad and millennials are screwed. Tell me something I don't know.

Survey: Millennial men want convenience, women want personalization BizReport reminds us that broad cliches about "generations" largely exist so companies can market to different age demographics more effectively. Of course, a millennial would say that.

Deloitte Survey: Millennials Want Business to Focus on People: Meanwhile, millennials would prefer companies stop thinking of them as cash registers and start looking at them like individual humans. Aren't millennials adorable?

MILLENNIAL MUSTS: TOP 10 NON-NEGOTIABLES FOR THE FIRST-TIME SET: I couldn't understand any of this headline or the lede, but actually it's a pretty interesting look at what features different generations want in their homes. Millennials think laundry rooms, exterior lighting, living rooms, patios and front porches are the most important, while Gen Xers, boomers, and seniors are more invested in their appliances' and homes' Energy Star ratings. Also, what even is a "home"? I used to sleep in the same place every night after work but then it burned down.

Financial Stress Surging Among Millennials: HuffPo reminds us that we're stressed AF, probably because of the student loans and all the companies trying to sell us laundry rooms. Thanks a lot ClassPass.

'Millennials' aged 18-35 saving more money than older generation, survey finds: So why are we so stressed????

18,000 People Surveyed By The Knot: Where To Splurge And Where To Save On Your Big Day: Maybe it's all those $30K+ weddings. Isn't it just like a millennial to spend a lot of money getting married?