NY1 first reported that a 69 year-old man was arrested after throwing a bowling ball from his 17th floor terrace at three police officers in Brooklyn. The Times has more details, as well as a photo (left), stating that Douglas Stiff called in a robbery in progress, leading the police the apartment building. After narrowly missing the ball that was thrown (and noticing a man standing on the terrace), police went to Stiff's apartment and found him wearing binoculars, with another bowling ball on the terrace. Stiff was charged with attempted murder, attempted assault, reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon. Of course, neighbors didn't think Stiff was a dangerous presence, eliciting complaints when he played his music too loudly (Stiff wears a hearing aid): ""He was just happy, talked to everyone, singing."

Times reporter Michael Brick wrote police call things thrown down at them "airmail." Brick also noted that "a small clutch of reporters and photographers meticulously documented the hole yesterday morning." Sure, but that would be nothing compared to what a bunch of photobloggers would do.