An interesting question from today's mailbag:

Do you have any word on the A train delays this morning?

I was on an A train leaving 207th this morning that was packed before leaving the station. We went a few stations and at 175th were stopped and told that due to "excessive vandalism" one of the cars had to be taken out of service. The taking out of service was done quickly and we continued on downtown. The train continued to be packed, with people trying to stuff themselves in...

just wondering what constitutes as "excessive vandalism"? Any ideas?

Excessive vandalism? Gothamist imagines that would be more in keeping with broken glass bottles, sticky soda, and more strewn tabloid papers than usual - maybe even some human "nuisance," rather than graffiti (as in the 5 train pictured here) or even scratchitti. Does anyone knew what it might mean?

The MTA's new rules. Of course, this makes us think of Billy Strayhorn, who wrote "Take the A Train." Check out the Billy Strayhorn website, a BBC News story about the song, and David Hajdu's biography of Strayhorn, Lush Life.

Photograph by Joseph Holmes