Earlier this week, the Post ran another story about Esther Elizabeth Reed, the woman used other people's identities to attend colleges, mostly recently at Columbia, and made others around her suspect she was in espionage, as she tried to avoid detection. A man who dated Reed spoke to the Post and offered her letters to him. All hail email accounts where you can store email from your exes!

They met on Match.com and met at the Falls in fall 2005. Though the guy thought she was cute and had "crazy eyes," he says, "She'd come up with random excuses for random things. She'd call out of nowhere and say, 'I'm dying to see you,' and then say she had the disorder and couldn't." Apparently Reed said she had a phobia of social situations - maybe she was on Match.com to get over that? The Post excerpted some of Reed's writings:

"These last six months have been a f- - -ing ridiculous amount of work, and I am not willing to throw it all away so I can kiss you and f- - - you right this minute, although that's really what I'd like to do," Reed wrote just weeks before disappearing in early July, when investigators discovered her scams.

At one point, she attempted to tantalize her straying beau by discussing engaging in a ménage à trois with him and another woman.

"I would love nothing more than to be able to go crawl into my bed and find you there. I have so many sex toys on my nightstand it's pathetic, it would be much sweeter to tie you up and use you," she wrote.

Oh, and Reed told him that she made money off of chess tournaments; we wonder if all this could have been avoided had he offered some opening chess gambits, the way the father of another of Reed's flames did.