A reader sent us a heads up when they spotted the Sarah Palin-inspired "Guns, God and Lipstick" t-shirt at the Soho store Yellow Rat Bastard. The Republican vice-presidential candidate appears to have reached such an (over)saturation point in the current pop cultural zeitgeist that it feels like little effort is needed to make a connection to her...and then package it up.

A quick peek over on the Ricky's website reveals that one simple sash is all that's needed to transform that red, white and blue bikini sitting in your winter trunk into a salute to the former Miss Alaska. Or maybe you've been trying to figure out how to reuse that Sexy Huntress outfit you wore to the Platoon Party back in college? Put it on this Halloween and without even any additional accessories--poof!--you're Palin.

And this amusing, but unsettling video that hit the web recently shows that people of all sizes are getting in on the action of impersonating the governor.