Well, it looks like its walls are made out of regular ol' brick. Maybe it's been artfully distressed, but given it goes for $225,000, we were expecting marble, maybe a robot manservant, though some people do go gaga for exposed brick. This the parking space mentioned in last week's NY Times article, the one that made New Yorkers and non-New Yorkers alike think, "What the hell is going on with the real estate market?" The space is at new building 246 West 17th, whose website is Sim City-ish and really annoying.

Nightline also featured the parking space last week (here's a link to the video). It's hilariously depressing because not only does the segment reference the Seinfeld episode "Alternate Side," it might also be city garage porn to others. And we wonder if parking space owners can hang their own posters

Photograph of Core Group Marketing SVP Tom Postilo showing the $225,000 parking space by Kathy Willens/AP