2005_03_graciemansion.jpgNewsday looks at the "issue" of our city's mayor decision not to disclose his weekend plans and how other mayoral hopefuls view this. Of course, they think it's crazy that the Mayor doesn't tell anyone what he does on the weekends and make it clear that they'll be giving everyone all the details. They tell Newsday:

- "I have no problems publishing my weekend schedule. Even if I'm not in the city, you'll know if I'm in New Jersey or Washington, D.C...I don't understand why he made such a big deal of that early on." - C. Virginia Fields, Manhattan Borough President
- "It'll read like a subway map. He's not going to go much further than the subway can take him," - Congressman Anthony Weiner spokesman Anson Kaye.
- "When the speaker puts out his public schedule, he makes his whereabouts clear." - City Council Council Speaker Gifford Miller's office.

Seriously, every time Gothamist hears something from the Weiner camp, it's not that great. We think that our Mayor should be in town most of the time, but if, as Beep Fields puts it, he needs to go to NJ, DC, or Albany to beg for money, it be okay. This story is just another one of those "How Mayor Bloomberg is very, very different from most politcians," from being a billionaire to being secretive.

Photo of Gracie Mansion, which is where the next mayor will probably live...Mayor Bloomberg doesn't, preferring his own townhouse on the Upper East Side