[WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTO BELOW SCROLL WITH CAUTION] Last year, we stooped to an all-time low when we posted the most horrifying subway photo we had ever seen. Now, on this miserable rainy day, comes the appropriately disgusting sequel, courtesy of Eddie Going. And it will make you reconsider sitting on the subway.

For better or worse, we know scant details about the context of the photo—we're left to imagine a myriad number of horrible routes that led this person to this moment. We read shame in his pose, but not anything approaching reason. We only know this occurred, it is horrible, and we wish we knew what train it was so that we could never take it again, cleaning products be damned. Mostly, we hope the person is okay now, and gets help, and maybe never takes the subway again.

FINAL WARNING: As with last time, the photo below contains a graphic depiction of human feces and is disgusting. If you're squeamish about humanity in its most vulnerable, sad, and frustrating state, you should probably not look at this photo and continue staring at photos that slowly ebb away your soul, rather than provoke the kind of intense visceral reaction that some people consider to be a bracing exercise in sentience.

Photo taken by Tom K. & Sophia C. courtesy of Eddie Going/Going with Eddie