The fun of the Internet! The website Legistorm lists the salaries of Congressional staffers, and the Post did some legwork to find the payrolls of NY-area representatives and senators. The Post, though, points out a few big payrolls:

One of the fattest payrolls in Washington belongs to Rep. Charles Rangel (D-Harlem), who controls the top Democratic spot on the powerful Ways and Means Committee. Rangel pays four of his top committee aides more than $150,000, gives his chief-of-staff about $153,000, and pays three other aides more than $100,000 - including his longtime secretary...

...Rep. Peter King (R-L.I.) pays three staffers on the House Homeland Security Committee and his personal chief-of-staff more than $100,000. Top committee aide Robert O'Connor gets more than $150,000 - or 25 times the annualized salary King paid one of his interns, who earned $495 for a month's work.

Rangel's chief of staff George Dalley pointed out that many of Rangel's staffers have worked for an average of 18 years. We appreciate the Post including Representative King's high-paid staff, but the article's focus is certainly on Democratic leglislators, though, for instance, Republican Representative Vito Fossella's Chief of Staff made almost $100,000 over nine months. And you know what? As long as they aren't instant messaging sexually explicit things to teenage pages, maybe that's okay.

Here's the page for New York State, and when you see the salaries, they may be just for a three- or six-month periods.