Ah, 2010—the year that Prospect Park became a mysterious killing field for animals. While many furry and feathered (and scaled) friends have met their end there this year, some animals were actually saved in the area. Local animal lovers Anne-Katrin Titze and Ed Bahlman have emailed us a rundown of the good stuff that's gone down there this year—by their count, a total of 34 waterfowl have been rescued, including 23 Canada geese, 7 mute swan, 3 mallards, and 1 wood duck.

They were all rescued after falling victim to discarded fishing line, barbed hooks and other man-made hazards, or just man himself—aside from Santeria killings, other waterfowl were even shot by arrows and BB guns! You may remember Target, the Canada goose shot by an arrow—he actually survived the incident, only to be sent to the gas chamber by the USDA just days later. Yep, life is cruel!

Let's end on a good note, however—the do-gooder duo also say they helped to save one downy woodpecker, a ring-billed gull, 3 squirrel, 5 dogs, and 4 turtles this year. And who knows, maybe 2011 will bring some peace to the park.