2007_03_michaeloliver.jpgThe Daily News has an exclusive story in today's paper about '31-Shot Cop' Michael Oliver that spared no manpower digging into the indicted detective's past and present. Six(!) staff writers contributed to a story that paints an unflattering portrait of its subject, including details of a then-rookie Oliver assaulting a black cab driver, insinuations that he parties too much, and the possibility that he may be in violation of a state-residency rule for NYPD cops.

The cabbie assault is by far the most damning. Still in his first year as a police officer, Michael Oliver got into an argument with a livery cab driver Moussa Ndiyae who was double parked in East Harlem.

Oliver, on the force barely a year, allegedly became enraged and shoved Ndiaye into the cab with enough force that his head shattered a car window.

"He grabbed my neck behind me," Ndiaye, 40, told the Daily News. "He pushed me to the car, again he pulled me to him and pushed me to the car again the second time. That's when my head hit the window.

"After my head hit the window, I fell down. ... My head was bleeding."

As Ndiyae was on his way to the hospital in handcuffs, Oliver allegedly said to the immigrant "I don't know what you're doing here. I'm going to send you back to Africa."

In a stab at balance, the Daily News' article does include quotes from some of Oliver's childhood friends attesting to his good nature. For the most part, however, it's the kind of news that will make all parties even angrier than they were before.