Untermeyer Fountain by Ralph Hockens on Flickr

At nine this morning the temperature at Belvedere Castle reached 41 degrees, ending the string of days below 40. The last five days were fifteen degrees below normal and more typical of mid-January. Replacing the cold will be a very pleasant Monday. However, there is a price to pay. As we head into winter it becomes harder and harder to drag warm air this far north. Doing so usually takes a significant storm. Thus the pleasant Monday will be followed by a very wet Tuesday.

This morning's sunny skies will turn cloudy this afternoon and the city should see a seasonable high near 50. Rain enters the picture after midnight as a storm develops over the Great Lakes. The city will be toward the eastern edge of the storm. Still, chances look good for a thorough soaking through noon tomorrow. Don't be surprised if you're awoken by a thunderstorm late tonight.

Local weather should be uneventful for Wednesday and Thanksgiving. The mornings will be chilly but both days look to be sunny with highs in the mid 40s. Wednesday travelers may run into delays if you're going to the Great Lakes, Maine and possibly Southern California and Arizona. More unremarkable weather is in store for Friday's shopping orgy.