This week's rollercoastering weather keeps on rolling. After peaking twice yesterday at 66 degrees the temperature is going to hold steady today around 50ish under mostly sunny skies before heading downhill for the rest of the weekend.

The devil is in the details for tomorrow's forecast. Overall look for a cool, cloudy day followed by some sort of precipitation in the evening. Up in the atmosphere there's a shortwave of energy scooting over from Texas and turning up the East Coast. On the ground the cold air behind last night's front finally arrives. The timing and placement of those critters will determine the amount and type of precipitation that will fall. Our bookie tells us the smart money is on rain starting mid-afternoon before mixing with, and changing over to light snow when the cooler air arrives in the evening. No accumulation is expected across the city.

Lots of sun should arrive on Sunday but it will be cold. Look for morning lows around freezing and afternoon highs in the mid 40s through Tuesday.