814temp_cpc.gifThe city escaped the worst of the winter storm's impact. There are a couple of inches of snow and ice on the ground at Gothamist's weather perch high above the Hudson northwest of the city. If you are going to drive north of the city please be careful, as you may still run into freezing rain.

We'll catch a break tomorrow but you can expect the rain/snow/freezing rain dance to come back on Saturday. The good news is that our temperatures should remain 5-10 degrees above normal for at least another week. The atmosphere sometimes gets stuck in a particular circulation pattern which can result in extended periods of above normal, or below normal, temperatures. As the good folks at CaptialWeather.com explain the atmosphere is in just such a pattern right now.

Past a couple of weeks the accuracy of forecasts rapidly diminishes. Gothamist will point out that AccuWeather predicts a cooling, while the Weather Services Climate Prediction Center sees continued warm, wet weather (the map at left is their probability of above normal temperatures 8-14 days from now).