plasticpuppy.jpg"Avast ye mateys! Batten down the hatches. There's a storm a comin' this way!" The Weather Service is advising we secure our trash cans and holiday decorations in advance of tonight's storm. If you have pets you might want to consider this raincoat, which looks suitable for dogs and sheep, that Gothamist found while googling for "stylish rainwear". With the wind and rain it will be difficult to stay dry tomorrow.

It's the same story as the past few storms – a low pressure system down south, this time over Mississippi, is going to dump all sorts of tropical moisture on us before dragging cold air from Canada behind it. The difference in pressure between the southern low pressure system and the Canadian high is great this time of year, hence the high winds.

All three of our contestants have removed the chance of rain from Sunday's forecast. They've also lowered the predicted high by a degree or two. Their current forecasts are: Weather Service: partly cloudy, high upper 40s; : partly cloudy, 50; AccuWeather: mostly cloudy, 48