The Westhampton Beach Police Chief is looking for a raise—and Newsday says that if he gets one, he "would make more than New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, who oversees the largest police department in the country." Kelly earn $189,700; Westhampton Beach Police Chief Raymond Dean makes $149,624/year for his base, and he also gets extra pay which makes his total pay "$188,709.60. He is also entitled to compensatory time - days for extra work." Dean explained, "The guy who cleans my cesspool makes more money than me." Newsday points out there were only 43 serious crimes in Westhampton Beach, whereas there were 116,824 in NYC. Westhampton Village Mayor—and former Southampton police chief—Conrad Teller said, "Commissioner Kelly made the mistake of staying in New York. He made his choice." Well, maybe Dean wants to move to Clarkstown, NY—over there, the chief made $332,529.88, one captain made "$335,676 while working two days a week because of a disability and spending three days a week undergoing physical therapy" and the other captain made over $311,000, according to this NY Times article about high police pay.